Pipe and Drape Room Extension

We was asked to provide a pipe and drape room extension to the Library in the The Edwardian Manchester for a Christmas event. The event spaces was made with appropriate 20 meters of black wentex pipe and drape, fitted to form a 3 side box. Whe can also fit it in white silk drapes these are 100gsm, so we can fit one on the outside and 1 inside of the drape supurt bar, so it looks as good inside as it does outside the room extension.

The entrance to the room extension was from the Library, we did not have to fit a door in the drapes. The set of pictures show the pipe and drape frame, inside the pipe and drape space and finally a virew from the lobby of the The Edwardian Hotel Manchester

Set up time was about 90 mins we have fitted it a few times since and got it down to around a hour with a 35 mins derig after the event.